Can't find old prezi

I’m logging into for the first time in a long time. I use presentations to orient my new staff each summer. Is there a way to find prezis that i don’t see when I log in?

Hey @Paul_Abbott, please make sure that you are looking for your presentations in the right place :slight_smile:

You can switch between the Prezi Classic and Prezi Next dashboard, using the arrow in the top left corner. I believe you will find your presentations in the Prezi Classic dashboard.

Please let me know if switching dashboards doesn’t solve the problem.

That’s the answer I needed. Thank you!

There is no arrow in the top left corner to switch between Prezi Next and classic? Please advise.


Hello @M_Meyer, looks like you have a Prezi Next license only, that is why you do not have access to the Prezi Classic dashboard in your account.

I activated a free 7 day trial of plus. Shouldn’t that open access to the old Prezi classic?

Hello @M_Meyer, Prezi Classic is the previous version of Prezi and we no longer offer Classic licenses. However, you can still edit Classic presentations when collaborating with a Prezi Classic user.

it’s ok. I’m not in need of this presentation until next July.
thank you,