Can't import Google slides into Prezi Video

I hit Import, it asks me which Google account to connect to, I click it, then it opens a window like it’s going to let me select the file, but instead, the window disappears and it takes me back to the window that says “Connect to Google Drive: Please log in to your Google Drive to add files from it to Prezi Video.”

In the online editor it doesn’t even ask me which Google account to connect to. When I hit “Connect,” it does nothing. Please help!

Hello @Yolanda_Miller, thanks for the report. Does it happen in the desktop application as well as the browser?

What happens if you try this in an incognito window or in a different browser?

Sorry, to clarify, my first paragraph is talking about the desktop app, in the second paragraph I’m referring to the browser

Also, I’m running Mac OS Monterey Version 12.6 and Chrome 108.0.5359.98

and Prezi Video Version 2.15.0 (10700)

Hello @Yolanda_Miller, could you please check out what happens if you change your default browser to a different one and try again?