Can't insert an SVG file to Prezi Next

My first attempt at using Prezi Next in anger and I get this when I try to insert an image from a local folder:

Just sits there spinning forever (30 mins and counting).

The Internet connection is fine (100Mbit/s symmetric, no proxying or outbound filtering), and the file is a tiny svg (~600KBytes).

Does Prezi Next have the same model as Classic where things like inserting images can’t be done locally but instead need to interact with a Prezi server so you need Internet to do any edits in the local app? Not that Internet is an issue here, but was hoping this would be fixed in the new architecture.

Update: thought I had this fixed by inserting a pdf rather than an SVG, but unfortunately that appears to succeed then renders the image but immediate produces an error message (better than the spinny wheel at least)

If you get a “CONVJOBFAILED” error message, it means you try to insert an image that is currently not supported in Prezi Next, I’m afraid. For the time being, JPG, PNG and GIF (non-animated) files can work well in Prezi Next.

As for SVG files I can confirm that they cannot be inserted. Could you please upload the pdf file so that we can test it?

I was going to attach the pdf I can’t insert, but unfortunately got this from your forum software.

Understanding file formats seems to be a bit of a recurring theme.

Also, if well designed software knows that it can’t handle a file format, surely that should just produce an error message rather than an infinite spinning wheel of death.

Please upload the PDF in question to WeTransfer. Make sure to select Share > link. This will generate a URL link that I can download the PDF file from. Make sure to copy and paste the URL into your reply, so that I can download it.

Hi there,
inserting a SVG image via PDF is possible. You just have to take some prior actions, but then it works like a charm (even with a BASIC account).

You can find my tutorial (with video included) here:

I hope this helps! Feel free to share and drop me a line the comment section of my Prezi with your experiences while using this work around :wink:

Anyone have any issues displaying SVGs in Prezi Next Desktop? Nothing get displayed - just blank.

@nils_pedersen SVG files are currently not supported, I’m afraid.

Really useful, @Erich_Buchinger. Thanks for providing the detailed instructions.

How does Prezi Next support vector graphics? It seems the support for swf is gone.

@Stefan_Rahmstorf SVG files are currently not supported, but you can find a workaround above in this thread.

Try saving your svg as a pdf instead. It’s the best option for zooming in to the graphic.


When I edited my Prezi under Google Chrome (Windows 7) I was unable to insert .PDF nor .SVG vector graphics. I’ve tried to do it through the menu (Insert --> Images) as well as copy and paste.

However, later when I edited my Prezi under Firefox (Ubuntu 16.04) I have no problem with copy and paste feature of .svg file.

Thus, I wonder which vector graphics format is mostly compatible with Prezi Next? I have most of my graphics in PDF format.

@Mateusz_Kedzior please note that SVG files are currently not supported in Prezi Next. For the supported file types, please check this article or for inserting SVG, see some workarounds above.

As for PDFs, you shouldn’t face any problems with inserting, if you could share a file with us via WeTransfer, we’d be happy to test it for you.