Can't install Prezi Video app on Windows

It wont install but says it is… please can someone help thank you :slight_smile: :frowning_face:

Hello @Carol_Kelly, could you please try to install it using this link?

Hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:

hello @Catarina is hasn’t worked, can you please offer any other ideas thanks

Hello @Carol_Kelly, could you please send us a screenshot with the error message you receive when you try to install it so we can investigate it?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi @Catarina Catarina,

I don’t get an erroes message, it install onto my laptop, but will not open when I click on the icon.

Hello @Carol_Kelly, could you please send us the system specifications of your computer?

Well, that is NO Good !!!
I am on a Dell Win 7 Pro with NVidia graphic cards and tons of memory.
I was counting on making ALL my presentations into an mp4 for YT uploads . . . .
I have my 1st presentation ready to go !!!
I will NOT be moving to Win 10 . . .
This is the 1st I have heard of win 10 being a must.
Now what ??
Hmmmmm, Nothing here about win 10 requirements !


I went online to your site you recommended to another to do the vids . . . I believe this was the address -

Tells me I need to allow Google to have access to both my mic and camera.
1st of all, Why?
2nd I allowed my mic,
3rd I do not have a camera, (Nor am I going to get one)
4th so google (Prezi site) would not allow me to proceed, Hmmmm
This is getting old very fast.

I have posted app 20 minutes ago I plan on converting ALL my presentations to an mp4. This is why I chose Prezi, now I find out Prezi forces a win10 to get this done, (but nothing about a win10 requirement when signing up,) but Prezi DOES tell you video conversion from a presentation is good to go . . .
PLEASE tell me how I can get my presentations rendered/converted/whatever to an mp4 using my win 7 Pro.
I have my 1st project ready, need to convert to mp4 and nowhere to go WITH a deadline . . .


Hi @David_mine, I’ve merged your post to the relevant topic.

Please note that we highlight the need for Windows 10 system in our System Requirements article.

It is Prezi Video requesting access to your microphone and webcam through Google Chrome, as that is the browser you are using to reach our site.

When you create a Prezi Video it is possible to use the presentation view only, but you would still need to advance the content manually and record the whole presentation with Prezi Video, so it is a recording and there is no way to render or convert it automatically.

What happens if you allow the microphone and the webcam access, are you able to start a recording, or you get a missing webcam error message?

Thank You Bart for the get back.

You asked; “What happens if you allow the microphone and the webcam access, are you able to start a recording, or you get a missing webcam error message?”

I allowed the mic, I have that to do so. I do not have a camera to allow access to. So given that, it would not allow me to proceed any further.

Does Prezi have any plans to create a simple convert a presentation to an mp4 given any platform? Win7 for me.

Yesterday I had to take a great, smooth transitioning presentation (possible by Prezi software) then using a garbage screen recorder, I lost probably 70% of my smooth transitions in the recording! This is NOT a good thing. I could have easily maintained the quality by continued using my Adobe Premiere Pro, It just would have taken longer . . . Personally, I prefer the quality over the/a jumpy screen show. I did load it into my Adobe PP after the screen recording to add a few more effects Prezi does not offer, that is not a problem, What I need, (as well as many others) is to record Via Prezi with something to maintain the smoothness of the transitions. I am sure your engineers have worked many hours to achieve this, it is a shame to loose it all simply because Prezi dos not have a good platform/desktop software to create a simple mp4.

I understand this platform is mainly for online presentations, but, I am betting if Prezi took a survey they would find MANY of its customers need to convert to an mp4 for what ever reason.

Please keep me posted on the mp4 converter for win7.

Thanks ~ Have a great one


Hi @David_mine, our current tool to record presentations as MP4 is Prezi Video.

Please note, that the Prezi Video desktop application will not support Windows 7 Operating Systems as even Microsoft themself stopped supporting Windows 7.

As a workaround for Windows 7 systems, you can use Prezi Video in your Chrome Browser if you install any kind of virtual camera application (for example ManyCam). This will give you a webcam to “enable” in Google Chrome so you can reach the recording section.

In the recording section, you should be able to select the content only view so nothing is visible from the virtual camera, it will only show your presentation.

Hope this helps!

Me either 20220113 around 1 month till now

windows 10 OS still fail

Hi @Kuochuan_Chu, could you please let me know what do you see when you try to install the app?