Can't install Prezi Video app

I downloaded the Prezi Video .exe installer, but every time I try to launch it, it quits without displaying any error message. I checked the system requirements and my machine should be fully compatible (Windows 10, 64 bit, Intel i7 processor, 16g RAM). Any tips for how to get it to work? Thanks!

Hey @Tina_Mihelich could you try to download the latest build from this link and try installing again?

Let us know!

That seemed to work - thank you!


Hello there,

When I try installing the Prezi video app it shuts down during the presentation and I receive the following error

does anyone know how to resolve this?

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Update: I tried the newest build from another topic. I received the following error:

error 2

Hello @Robbert_Marks, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Could you please follow the steps mentioned in this article and retry to install the application?

Let us know if you were able to do so!

Hello @Catarina!

Thank you for your response! I followed the steps described in the article, it seems the configuration described in the article is not the problem.
My settings are correct. Do you have any other suggestions, looking forward to your advise.

Hello @Robbert_Marks, thank you so much, I have reached out to our development team so we can investigate this issue further. As soon as we have any news, we will contact you :slight_smile:

Hello @Robbert_Marks, could you please try to install it again using this link?

Let us know if it worked out!

Hi Catarina,

it seems that fix for my windows installer worked! My sincerest gratitude for your help, kudo’s to your development team! keep up the good work!

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Hello @Robbert_Marks, we are really glad you were able to install the app :slight_smile:

Let us know if we can assist with anything else!

i installed Prezi Video on my mac (catalina). All right.
I updated to the new version and from that moment it gives me installation error.
I uninstalled and restarted but nothing

I had same installation problem.
Just released updated installer(1.4.4), it seems ok.

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Now it works!

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I like to install prezi video desktop out of the chrome browser on the prezi video web page - I am logged in. Installaton runs so far, but interrupts short before finished with an error note.
Any ideas? thx a lot.

Hello @Roland_Trescher, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Could you please try to install it again using this link?

Let us know if it worked out!

This was the trick that I needed. As I was already set up as an Administrator and still getting the 1603 error. So thanks for this. Not sure though why, Prezi can’t manage this automatically.



I installed the Prezi Video App but after the installation it will not launch.
A white screen opens and closes again.

My OS is Windows 10 fully patched and I used the latest download of Prezi Video App.

Anyone an idea on how to solve this ?

Thanks in advance


Hey @Nicolas_De_Clercq I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread. Could you send us a bit more information about the issue? Could you send a screenshot of your Windows version?

Right-click on My Computer -> Properties and then post the information here.

Alternatively, for 32bit Windows could you try re-downloading and installing the app from here:
For 32bit Windows:
For 64bit Windows:

Let us know :slight_smile:

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