Can't open portable file for Windows


Dear Prezi Community,

I’m trying to be sure my presentation works well for all future users as a portable file, as some of my colleagues have reported problems opening the portable files when I send it to them. On a Mac OS, exported carefully for Mac OS, I am able to open the portable file, so I’ll leave possible complications there for another thread.

Specifically to Windows operating systems, I am having problems though. I’m working on a Mac OS and have carefully (several times) downloaded the portable file to “Present using Windows.” I then mail the zip file to myself on a different computer running Windows. I download the file, unzip it, and try to open and can’t find any Prezi file that will open the portable file.

Incidentally, I was previously a user of Prezi Classic, and several times opened portable files on Windows and Mac machines without problems.

Can anyone advise? I need to be sure this file opens for recipients whether they’re using Windows or Mac machines. Thank you.


Have you tried double-clicking on the EXE file in the unzipped folder to load the downloaded portable? For more information about presenting and viewing downloaded prezis, check out this help article.


Hi Vanda,

I just posted a related question here: Can't open portable file for Windows

Please answer in either thread. I’ve downloaded (from a Mac OS) and unpacked (in a different Windows laptop) what is supposed to be a portable prezi for Windows. After unpacking the file, there is no EXE file to be found and I can’t figure out how to open the portable file.

Please advise.


I just found this reply of yours in another thread, so I merged it into this topic.

You mention there’s no EXE file in the folder. Do you have any antivirus software running on your Windows computer? Some automatically quarantine and delete EXE files that appear in the system. Let me know if this helps!


Hi Vera. I’m not sure about that, will check but today I just tried again to export the portable Prezi for windows and got the file shown here, which is an .exe file but seems odd, like it’s not the downloading correctly (but I don’t know much about Windows so maybe it’s fine):

I’ve tried to email that zip file from two different email service (one an @gmail account and the other an Outlook account) and in both cases the file was rejected by the recipient’s email account (which also happens to be an @gmail account). Is that normal? Shouldn’t I be able to mail a zip file? Is the .exe file that downloaded even the correct zip file for windows? Can I download the presentation for windows from a Mac OS computer?

Thank you for your ongoing help with this.


Yes, you should be able to download it on a Mac without any issues. The downloaded file is rather large though, as it contains a built-in player. You can try sending the EXE file with We Transfer or a similar software and see whether that helps.


Okay so that raises the question: What would you expect the file type to be when downloading to “present on windows”? As you see from the screenshot I sent you in the prior message, the file I got on downloading this way was an .exe file. Should I be seeing a .zip file whether downloading for Mac or Windows?


Note also that I’ve successfully downloaded the presentation for Mac and the file looks like this:

The presentation works as expected and it’s a .zip file as I’d expect.


Additional information: I was able to open the exported .exe file on an older laptop running Windows 7, but a more recent desktop running Windows 10 rejected the file and wouldn’t open it. In both cases, I shared the file through Google Drive and the recipient (standing next to me) downloaded the file from Google Drive.


Sorry my bad, I wrote ZIP folder instead of EXE file, will edit it now so I don’t confuse any others.
You seem to be getting the right things: ZIP folder for Mac, EXE file for Windows.


Okay that makes sense, thank you. At least that’s resolved and I’m getting the right file.

Now is there any way to insure the file isn’t rejected by mail servers? Is a file sharing platform such as We Transfer the best approach?


I would say so, yes. It’s for sending files too large to send by email.