Can't present in Internet Explorer


The computer I will use to present my Prezi only has Internet Explorer. When I tried to do a trial run and pull up my Prezi, I keep getting the pop-up window that tells me I can’t edit in Explorer (which I know. I’m not trying to edit; just present). I close the pop up, Prezi opens another tab on the My Presentations page, and when I try to present my Prezi, I get the same pop-up window, ad infinitum. Please help me get this figured out ASAP. I’ve been working on this for a month, and I’m on tomorrow.


Are you able to use IE to install another browser? The Prezi team may be able to give you better instructions etc. but in my experience IE is the absolute worst for Prezi presentations. If at all possible, I’d borrow someone else’s computer or go to to get the better browser before tomorrow. I wish you luck!


I’m in a federal agency, so getting any changes made is a nightmare! I had to jump through a dozen hoops to get them to install Chrome on my office computer to let me edit my Prezi, with the promise that I could present it on Explorer in the conference room when the time came. Yikes…getting nervous.


Prezi Next is not compatible with Internet Explorer, not even for presenting, I’m afraid. As @Plastic_Ingenuity mentioned, Chrome provides the best experience, with Safari and Firefox 64-bits following.

In cases like these downloaded presentations provide the biggest security, you can read about this file format in this article. Please note that downloading a presentation is a feature available for Plus license holders.