Can't reduce transparency in the sub topics after the latest update

Hi, I am facing a problem.

I am not being able to reduce transparency in the sub-topics after the latest update!!

In fact, the option is gone!

I badly need this option as it helps us to be more creative.

If it’s not available anymore please let me know how can I go back to the previous version and stop update?

Note: I tried to use the chat option. But somehow it’s not working

Hello @Nayon_Hasan, could you please send us a view link of your presentation so we can assist you? :slight_smile:

The slider for opacity is missing for me too. I’m in advanced topic editing in this case, but it isn’t available in the basic overview edit either. Screenshots below. Please replace the slider because it is VERY important for my presentations as well.

Below shows the menu where it is missing

Below shows the menu where the slider stayed (preferred for all details)

Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, the new topic shape & layout feature adds PDFs as the topic cover, and that’s the reason why the opacity feature is no longer there.

As a workaround, we recommend you to insert Shapes to the topic cover, please check this example on how to do so :slight_smile:

Example viewed, thanks for supplying. I don’t understand how my older (pre-PDF allowance update) prezis have switched over, though. Shouldn’t those be editable as they have in the past? And if not, please consider it a request to be able to toggle backward to the simpler method (for prezis originally created with it).

Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, could you please send us a view link for one of those presentations so we can investigate it? :slight_smile:

I can PM you shortly. Update 9/5: figured out after our messages, thank you, & still getting used to the difference between some of the original shapes I’ve used and the new PDF options. I definitely like the expanded variety and think it would be a great option to add these PDFs as editable shapes in the future (I’m thinking of the organic pebble-looking ones in particular though I’m sure there are others). Appreciate the help!


Hi Nayon,

Cursor of Topic/subtopic, so it will be marked in blue, right click mouse, choose advanced topic editing, click the topic/subtopic again to mark, open fill color, and … voila, the opacity slider returned!

Hope it helps!

Just don’t understand why Prezi-employee wasn’t able to answer that, without trying to suggest another workaround?!

Hello @Derek_Rosenfield, this option is not available when choosing certain (PDF) topic shapes unfortunately. In this case we recommend using the workaround mentioned above.