Can't resize tiny text box

I have downsized a text box to very small. Now i am unable to get hold of it again. i can’t change the text…

If you roughly know the location of your text box you can scroll into the location (PC: middle mouse button) until the text appears and its box is large enough to mark.

thank you for your kind reply.
i can see the textbox but i am not able to activate it when i click on it.

@Claus_Hansen could you please share the link of your presentation so that we could have a look?

i hope this is what you need

wanted to send a picture but it seems not possible!!!

@Claus_Hansen thanks for the link, could you please specify where this text box is located in the presentation? You should be able to upload images on this forum but if you don’t succeed, you can also share the image via WeTransfer.

Make sure to select Share > link. This will generate a URL link that I can download the image file from. Make sure to copy and paste the URL into your reply.

if you present the presentation it is in step 3 and 4 and 5.

@Claus_Hansen Have you tried holding shift and dragging over it? This might bring the ‘Transform’ box up allowing you to resize it.

Let me know how you get on!

Happy creating!


You can also try to zoom in closer and then you should be able to resize or remove the text box.

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the holding shift and dragging over it worked.




Good to know @Claus_Hansen!