Can't rotate on a Chromebook



This CTRL ALT rotation does not work on a Chromebook - the primary device for many many students nationwide.

ALT on a Chromebook causes the click to be a right-click, it is already assigned as that in Chrome OS.

How do you get around this conflict?



How can I rotate an image?

@Justin_Bourque could you perhaps try AltGr (or Right Alt)?


Both Alts on a Chromebook are right click.


@Justin_Bourque according to the support page of Chromebook:

The Windows key between Ctrl and Alt works as the Search key

Could you please test if it helps?


There is no windows key on a Chromebook.


We’ve reported this to the responsible team, if they manage to come up with a solution or a workaround, we’ll post it here!


Still no solution?


Our development team has taken a look but it is something that cannot be fixed on our end as it’s an issue on Chromebook’s side, I’m afraid.


Prezi - that is a poor excuse. While it may be a google issue, the reality is they are not going to be in ANY hurry to fix this as it doesn’t affect their product. Meanwhile, I am not able to use the product at my school and will be forced to find something else or go back to Google Slides.

This is something you need to create a way around such as being able to use a different click path. Google won’t care if you lose customers.


I agree with Seth. Chromebooks are a widely used device and Prezi needs to find a better way to have rotating text or images. This was a lot easier with Prezi Classic and should be a simple fix for you to make. I guess next school year I will just have my students use Google Slides instead of Prezi. Bummer.


Ugh., is this not covered in: “How can I rotate an image?” o.0



I’m having trouble rotating a topic cover that I added into my presentation. I’ve looked up how to do this under the Need Help tab, but the keyboard shortcuts are only for mac and windows and I have a Chromebook. I’m using a template but wanted to rearrange some things to better fit my needs, so I created a new topic. I can move it around and change what it says, but I just can’t seem to figure out how to rotate it to fit the slanted notebook in the template. Any help you could provide would be amazing!

Thank you,
Mabry Gann


@Mabry_Gann I’m sorry for the difficulties you’ve been experiencing but please note that Chromebooks run on ChromeOS, which is currently not a supported OS for Prezi.

Could you maybe try rotating on a different device?


@Agnes Okay, I didn’t know that! Thank you for your help!