Cant see past edits


Prezi makers should make it where you can go on one of your prezi slides and be able to see past edits or like history edits. Im annoyed because I got a bad grade in school for something getting deleted and I cant get it back cause I “X” out of the tab.


@Kameron_Griner We apologize for the inconvenience. While in the editor, you can undo any changes and once you saved the presentation and left the tab, we can manually revert the presentation for you so if you wish, please send us the presentation in question and let us know what time and date we should revert it to and I’d be glad to assist you with this.


@Kameron_Griner great idea! (sorry about your grade though) @Agnes on the business side, I could see this (a past edit recap/view) being VERY useful when collaborating… in the cases where multiple people have access to the same presentation, knowing who changed what & when could be helpful in case there’s ever a disagreement or misunderstanding about needed changes. I know you can leave notes for each other, so a manual process is possible, but is there anything like what Kameron is looking for or could that be added to a possible request list going fwd?


So here is the one prezi i want fixed. So when I was doing the 6 types of figurative language but when i exited out and it somehow deleted it. . The circle that has a name of onomatopoeia is the one i want back.


Hello @Kameron_Griner, we have reverted the presentation, could you let us know if it’s the version you were looking for?