Can't Select Specific Objects in Template


I can’t find a way to select a few object to edit/delete them.
In this frame, there was a line with 2 square endpoints.
I can select and delete the line with the square endpoints, but I can’t select the squares for editing/deleting. Leaving me with this:

Is there something I am missing here?



I discovered that the squares can be manipulated if I select all of the elements in the frame (Ctrl+a). This solves my specific issue right now (all I wanted to do was get rid of them), but it still leaves an on-going question of how to select them for editing if I didn’t want to select everything else.



Hello @Brian_Jauw, can you please try selecting the objects while holding down Shift? I would also suggest opening Prezi in a different browser in case the problem persists. Please let me know if you need further assistance with this, I’d be happy to help.