Can't Sync My Prezi

I’m using Prezi Classic for windows 6.26.0, and for some reason I can’t sync or download my Prezis anymore? Please help?!

Hello @Shakil_ALBulushi, could you please send us the system specifications of your computer? Could you also attach a screenshot of your desktop application?

One of my presentations won’t sync. the others are fine.

Of course, that’s the one I need immediately. HELP

i accidentally deleted my presentation and i don’t know to get it back so please help me?

Hello @Ryan_Rogers, we have investigated your presentation and by our end it seems like it’s syncing:

Could you please retry to login into the application once again? Let me know if it’s working!

Hello @Shakil_ALBulushi, could you please try to reinstall the application using the following link: Let me know if the presentations are syncing.

Thank you for responding, I want to reinstall the software but wouldn’t that delete all the non synced presentations?

Hello @Shakil_ALBulushi, could you please tell us if those presentations were created locally?

Only one of the presentations is locally saved, the rest are not!
The ones that can’t be synced don’t appear in my online Prezi
I’m not really sure if I can reinstall the desktop software without losing my presentations
Please help!!!

Hello @Shakil_ALBulushi, could you please try to move the presentations back to your local prezis? After that, please try to download them in PEZ format. Let us know if it worked out!

Can you please assist me on how to move my presentations back to my local prezi?

Hello @Shakil_ALBulushi, I am sending an example on how to move your presentations to our local prezis:


I don’t have the (move to local presentations) option! it appears in non of my presentations

Hello @Shakil_ALBulushi, could you please try to export them in PEZ format?


Yes i am also looking for this help… Regards Biprojit deb

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Hello @Bikash_Deb, could you please explain us your issue with more details?

Cannot sync my desktop updates to the cloud. I am using classic. Please advise ASAP.