Can't synced prezi from computer to website

I can’t synced my prezi from my laptop to is going on?I have waited for 2 days, still didn’t work. I used Prezi last year, which was such a fantastic experience. but this time, seems lot of things have been changed. Please help me with my presentation. btw, all the materials are supported by prezi as I used this document before.


I have the same problem and while I do have one particularly large image in the Prezi, the problem isn’t the size as much as it is the upload speed, which is horrifically slow - 96 bytes / second. Yes I am on a corporate network behind firewalls etc. however, I have absolutely no problem uploading at very high speeds to any other service on the internet so I don’t believe the problem is at my end. Is there any diagnostic information I can send you that might help you diagnose the problem?



Hi Vera,

Thanks for the prompt reply and suggestion. Over the weekend I disconnected and reconnected the machine running Prezi from the network and after doing this Prezi successfully uploaded the presentation very quickly so the problem appears to be resolved and I therefore haven’t tried with an empty Prezi.

Thanks for the help,