Can't upload images, Error code: UPLOADFAIL


Hi. I really try to use Prezi Next. It’s awful, comparing to Classic. Now, images can’t be uploaded, on or desktop. Error code : UPLOADFAIL



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@Yves_Prunier please make sure you only insert supported file types (JPG, PNG, GIF (non-animated) or PDF except for background image).

The files also should have no special characters in their file names. They should only include the following characters: 0-9, a-z, A-Z, ", _.


I have the same problem, from several places and networks.
Neither jpg nor png are uploaded. Renamnig files according to the recommendation above does not help either.
Michael Sebek


The problem does not comme from my files : sometimes it works, sometimes, not. Idem for the Prezi Desktop. Bug, bug, bug…


Michael : you just have to wait… or find another software :frowning:


Do you receive any error messages? Are you using the online editor or the desktop app? Thanks.


The issue you describe might be connected to connected to your browser or some web-security software on your end.
Please make sure that JavaScript and cookies are allowed (whitelisted) for
each for both http and https, in your browser and any firewall software, browser privacy add-on, etc. that you may be running on your computer.

*Note: If you experience this issue from a protected network, you may need to ask the responsible IT person to make these adjustments for you. This is common if you are trying to access from an educational institution or a company network.


When I use desktop Prezi, I recieve " Error code : UPLOADFAIL"
When using online editor, I recieve nothing, uploading takes time, and then stops as if it is OK. There is an empty rectangle on the screen but no image.
When I have more time, I look at the JavaScript etc.
But would it matter when using Desktop?


@Michael_Sebek could you please send the files via WeTransfer so that can test? Make sure to select Share > link. This will generate a URL link that I can download the image file from. Make sure to copy and paste the URL into your reply.


I was just playing with the Next and randomly picking one file after another - nothing worked. So I can pick any image, check it and if it fails, send it to you. Shall I?


Yes, please. If all the firewall adjustments are made that Vera suggested in her reply above, and you still don’t manage to insert any images, then please share any of them so that we can test.


Chrom seems to be OK (all allowed). As for the firewall, I better ask our ITs for help.
It works at home neither, so the problem is not related to the university network.
I let you know.


Dear Vanda, our IT staff spent some time with my computer today to fix it, but the result is negative. To be on the safe side, they even switched the firewall completely of, but this made no difference. The reply was „Unable to upload the file – error code UPLOADFAIL.“ So I have sent you the file via WeTransfer, the URL is


Thanks for the file, @Michael_Sebek. I’ve just downloaded this image and managed to upload it to my presentation without any issues. Would it be possible for you to test it in a completely different environment and network, outside the school?


I have the same situation, some images i can´t get upload.


@Gondola_Sistemas_de could you please make sure no firewall settings block the images from uploading? Please see Vera’s answer above for our recommended settings.


I have actually started at home. It did NOT work, so I tried it at school. No change, it works nowhere.Switching firewall of does not help. So I guess firewall is NOT the problem.


exact same problem here, on windows_10, lenovo_yoga900 :(:(:frowning:
a few pictures could be uploaded but nothing since then
tried to add the exceptions to chrome but halfway realized i shouldn’t have been able to upload the background picture either if this would be the source of the problem…
let me know if you find out where the bug comes from!
really would like the program otherwise;)


Could you please share a link to your presentations so that we can check?