Can't zoom in with enough quality

Hi, same Picture i use 2 years ago in an old version of Prezi works fine. No i want to make a new presentation based on the same picture, but i don’t get enough resolution quality. What can i do?
thanks for helping. Holger

Hello @Holger_Gelhausen, in case you’re zooming in on the image I would recommend using PDF instead of JPEG or PNG, as PDF files keep the original quality better. I hope this helps. In case you need further assistance feel free to reach out to us.

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If you are satisfied with the quality in the old presentation you can try to copy the image from that prezi and paste it in the new one.

This way you dont have to upload the image again but you can use the version that is already stored in our servers.


thanks, now it works fine!


Good to hear :slight_smile: