Carmera not found in Chrome

When editing a video, a new page is opened where it says “finding camera and microfono” (in Spanish, buscando cámara y micrófono). I cannot go any further, despite I have habilitated the external camera in google chrome (and I have the latest Chrome version). I have Windows 10.

However, I dont have this same problem when editing video (in this same computer) using the app Prezi video editor.

Can anybody give me a clue?

Thank you.

Hi @Adolfo_Martos, Could you send a screenshot of the error message, please?

Could you tell me if you face this issue only with Google Chrome, but not with Prezi Video Desktop App, right?


Thank you.

I have just solved the problem. It was caused by my Karpersky anti-virus program. I have paused it and I can now record the video using Chrome.

Best regards,

Adolfo Martos Gross