Chain virtual cameras

Prezi video is a type of virtual camera. Putting the camera behind the presentation is a way to avoid the greenscreen ideas. However, I see it interesting to chain an OBS virtual camera or Xsplit VCam as an interesting camera feeds to Prezi video. For instance, VCam has a nice background removal feature. OBS has a virtual camera plugin as well as easy green screening. With these video feeds your camera image can have backgrounds remove (or applied). This would be a nice feed to Prezi Video.

However, Prezi video ONLY appears to accepts hardware camera sources, not virtual camera sources. In fact, if another virtual camera source is connected to a hardware camera, then Prezi Video refuses to start saying there is a conflict for claiming a hardware camera. Another way to visualize this:

Presenter -> Hardware Cam -> Virtual Camera Software with filtering like background -> Prezi Video with Prezi visuals -> Webcast platform (zoom, meet, clickmeeting, On24, etc) -> Audience

Excellent suggestion JJ_JJ, I want it too :slight_smile:
We’re already asking Prezi about virtual camera support in this thread:

Prezi video appears to take the route of only connecting to hardware cameras. If they could open a connection to virtual cameras as well, then that will open a stronger set of community tools for us. VCam, OBS, Chromacam, etc.

Also, Prezi video takes an interesting approach by placing the presentation as a layer over the camera feed, so the presenter is behind the presentation, instead of in front. Forcing the Prezi to have a transparent background is also key. This works well when the presentation elements can have a transparent background. As a webcast live presenter, I switch between topics on Prezi and hands-on demonstrations using editors, command-line tools, and other apps. These other interactions outside the slides lack the ability to put the presenter behind the element displayed as they cannot be transparent. So in this case presenter with background removed goes in front of screen share content. As a presenter, these are the z-depth layers I would like to toggle on and off.

  1. Top layer: Audience sees this final feed
  2. Prezi layer: Prezi content with transparent background
  3. Face layer: Presenter with transparent background
  4. Screen share later: Various desktops and window selections (bottom later)

I think all of this can be achieved with OBS chaining background removal filters, virtual cameras, and various import sources. OBS Virtualcam plugin is key.

I don’t know if it’s possible to produce a Prezi Next with a clear and transparent background, but if you could, that would give us the features of Prezi Video but open Prezi to be used with OBS as an input source to the virtual camera.