Change background in Prezi Video

Is there a way to load a background for Prezi video (like Teams allows you to use either your own background or their backgrounds) so the audience doesn’t see my home office in the background?

Hi @patricia.letwink, currently it is not possible to add a virtual background to your Prezi Video.
If you are using Zoom you can use Zoom’s virtual background but it might interfere with the Prezi Video content.
I’ll forward your feedback about this to our product team.

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the zoom background doesnt work with prezi, any other suggestions?

Hello @Sarah_Medlen_and_Bri, I merged your post with the relevant thread. I would recommend you to check this reply above :slight_smile:

I am also curious about using virtual backgrounds on Prezi (Zoom backgrounds or others). I noticed this thread ended in August. Any progress since then?

Hello @David_Eppelsheimer, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check the reply above!

Thank you @Catarina for merging @David_Eppelsheimer’s post.

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OBS ( works as a virtual camera in Prezi Video. Using the Chroma Key filter to mask your video feed (green screen required), simply layer in the virtual backdrop of your choosing then Start Virtual Camera. You will see OBS Virtual Camera as an option under Camera in Prezi Video. Hope this helps!


Grazie mille, proverò

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Thanks Dan.