Change Edu license email address to personal one

Hi Team Prezi,

If I registered with my student email (Paid version ) is it possible to change my email, coz I dint want to recive email on that account and I prefer to get them to my personal email.

any help to do it.


You can only register an Edu license with a verified educational email address. If you change the educational email address associated with your account, you will also be required to change your license type to a non-educational one.
Would setting up a filter that forwards Prezi emails from your educational email address to your personal one help?

Can I add another email to recieve in both

No, only one email address can be added.

Related to this topic, I am a teacher and created a Prezi account. However I made the wrong type of account. I have been trying to convert or change the account to the free edu account.

That wasn’t working so I tried to delete the original account which is a Prezi Next account.

Can someone please help me?

@Vincent_Rella, we have asnwered in the private message, please respond there.

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Is there a way to convert an EDU account to a personal one?

Hello @Arjun_Bhardwaj, as you don’t have any paid subscription, you should be able to change your current EDU e-mail to a personal one.

Let us know if you have further questions!