Change Language within a Prezi

The Language of my spell check within one of my (important) Prezis seems to have abruptly changed to German (from English). Is there a way to change it back?
I only see the language option at the bottom of the main Prezi website, where mine is set to English. But within the Prezi itself, it is operating in German and I cannot see how to change it. This seems to be the only one of my Prezis doing this.
Can anyone offer me any suggestions?

Hi Jay,

Sorry for any inconvenience!

If you want to change the language of your spell-checker is very simple, just type 10 words in that language.
For more information:


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What do you do when the entire presentation is in English and the OS and browser settings are set to English and the Prezi spell check is in a different language?

Hi Divesh,

Prezi will automatically detect the language you are working in and only enable the spell-checker if a supported language is detected. However, it is possible to manually activate this feature at any time by right-clicking on any text box and selecting ‘Turn spell-checker on’.

Prezi first detects language based on your operating system language and then again after every ten words you add to a prezi. If Prezi detects that you are working in a different language to your operating system based on what you have typed, the spell-checker will change to that language.



I have the same problem and have tried all the tips and trouble shooting on the website. I really need this fixed fast.

Hi Madison,

Please check out FAQ for Troubleshooting here.
That might be helpful.



I am having issues with the spell checker function, it is not automatically recognizing that my prezi is in spanish and continues to correct in english so how do i fix that? Additionally is there a way to insert accent marks in the prezi? I am working on a mac.



I can’t type Thai language in my new prezi. I already type a paragraph with Thai and it didn’t change anything. I go to my old prezi which I created it in Thai and I can type Thai with no problem. Note that Thai is missing from language preference in settings. Please help.

ps. I’m working on prezi online.

Hi Peace, 

Unfortunately, for the moment Prezi currently supports Roman, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese scripts. If you wish to use Chinese, Korean, or Japanese script, you will need to select a theme that supports the script you want to use.


My desktop Prezi software is set to English, but randomly changes to German, French or Spanish when the sentence is clearly English, for example:

“If person is not a company authorized user this is as far as they can go.”

Are you folks at Prezi going to be issuing a software fix?

For entering text in Thai you can go on customize, then you will see a theme with Thai text at the bottom of the right side. Use this and you can type Thai.

Hi Pete, if you send me more details and a screenshot  I can test it myself and send a report to our developers.   Do you have the latest version of Prezi desktop 5.2.5?

@Michael thanks for your input, it is really great that you contribute in this community for other users as well!

I guess this has not been fixed.  I have just downloaded the latest version I have the same problem with English spell checker - frustrating…

Thanks for responding to my problem, although it was several MONTHS ago.  I am now on 5.2.8 and it is working properly in English again.   If you Google this problem, you will find the problem was rampant with frustrated people like me.  The product definitely had a problem so bad that I and many other TURNED OFF spellchecker.  I wish that Prezi did a better job of testing their product before releasing a new version.

Hi All,

Thank you for your feedback, is very much appreciated.
I’ll report this to our developers.


Hello, I fixed my prezi because I typed the word English  in a 10 letter sentence.
Thank You everyone and I hope this works! 

 I am trying to fix this as well  and have spent more time on it than on actually developing my Prezzi!  It is too steep a price to pay if this very basic feature does not work. It looks like the problem lasts over 10 months, will not continue my subscription.

I am not sure where you see this Vera, but no support was offered, premium certainly is not.

Do prezi support Tsuig 04 ? I deal more with Bhutanese Dzongkha fronts…

Dear Vera, 

If you could go to website and get fronts installed into prezi…
Thanking you in advance