Change order of topics and subtopics

I want to change the order of multiple slide and am pretty sick of dragging one at a time! of course cant get any straight answers from anyone anywhere.

Hello @kelley_brumley1, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

Currently, it’s only possible to change the order in your path by using the left side bar and dragging the topics/subtopics up or down. Could you please share with us what would you like to have as a feature?

Hope to hear from you soon!

HI Catarina
first of all I have been a client of Prezi since at least 2013 (or before). I don’t understand why I do not qualify for any technical assistance whatsoever. It’s very frustrating! I had a deadline the other day and I couldn’t ask anyone for help. How can I get some tech support? why can’t I use the help chat?!

What I wanted was to be able to grab a block of slides from the left hand panel, and move the order of the entire block into the middle of the prezi. I had imported an entire section from another prezi into my library and when I added it in it would only go to the end of the prezi instead of in the order I wanted. So I spent 2 hours moving one at a time, Prezi kept “sticking” with every single slide, and then Prezi wouldnt save for some reason. I kept getting an error message “did not sync”, and then it erased all my hours of work which I had to redo! Again I coudn’t ask anyone for help, which is just not right.

so. it would be nice if one could move a block of slides at a time instead of each one at a time. It’s clunky and takes entirely too long.
thank you
Kelley Brumley

Hi @kelley_brumley1, as far as I see you have already requested technical support via chat recently so it should work fine for you.

Could you please tell me if you are working on the desktop application or the web version and if you are editing a presentation in Present or somewhere else?

If you were receiving did not sync message then your internet connection was unstable or some kind of firewall might have been blocking the access to our servers.

Thanks for your feedback regarding the topic order changing, I’ll forward that to our product team.

yes the chat “should” work but it doesn’t. I tried editing in both the desktop and online applications. That day I desperately needed help and none was available. Here is a screen grab from two seconds ago while logged into my Prezi account:

so what is all this about an upgrade? Although I appreciate that you are emailing me, today right now I still cant get support and am no closer to understanding why my presentation wouldn’t sync. There was nothing wrong with internet connection because browsing and other programs connected to my university network was working.

So can you fix the chat support problem?