Change preset font

I’m new to Prezi Next. How can I change the preset font?

@Julie_Smith Please check this article about adding and editing text in Prezi Next.

You can use the top toolbar to change the font type of any textbox. We hope you will have fun while creating your presentation!

Thanks, but this does not answer thew question. In Prezi Classic we could define the FONT to be used as default in our theme - so when new text boxes were added - it would always use our font.

I do not want to have to keep selecting the font each time. There must be a way to change the default font associated with theme or template or presentation?

@Simon_Noakes Yes, you can change the default to be the same every time you choose it in the future. There’s that drop down menu of type presets (title, subtitle, body, etc.) You choose whichever one you’re looking to update. Type something out & highlight/select to change the text to your desired font. Then while still selected, right-click and choose “Update style preset” which will then change it so any time you type out text for that preset, it will use the new font. It will also change any text you had already typed out under that preset as well, so be aware of that in case you don’t want those instances affected.


It seems the default text alignment (like centered) cannot be changed in this way?

Hi @Stefan_Rahmstorf, alignment does not change with this function.

As a workaround you can set up a textbox to your style, then copy-paste that textbox instead of inserting new ones to keep the alignment.

Hope this helps!