Change screen aspect ratio

We want to use prezi on a large presenting screen. Is there a way to customise the aspect ratio ?

Helli @Robert_gray, I merged your posts to the relevant thread. I’m sorry, currently it’s not possible to change the aspect ratio. I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause you!

I find it crazy that a global presentation tool only accommodates for specific types of screens and ratios, complete madness!

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Hi Everyone! Please, consider another vote for “4:3 is needed” in Prezi Next. We have these screens throughout the university, I’m using Prezi for all my lectures, and I started to learn Prezi Next but stopped when I realized there is no possibility for a 4:3 screen. Thanks!


Has anyone tried to use a 4:3 projector? Does it work with smaller images or does it not work at all?

Hello @claudia_umbro, were you able to test it? :slight_smile:

A client of mine has a problem when presenting on a projector from his PC, the picture ratio is distorted - can anyone please advise?

Hi @Geoff_Griffiths, I merged your post to the relevant thread. Currently, it is only possible to make presentations with 16:9 aspect ratio, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

And another simple feature that years after being requested still hasn’t been implemented…

After many people asking for 4:3 aspect ratio, the topic is still described as “not planned”. Really??
Is it so hard to develop this feature?
Prezi developers, please hear your users! (they are paying for your work…)

Good luck. . . .

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@Gustavo_Garcia This request caught my eye. Have you tried to create zoom windows that are all rotated 90 degrees? I can’t say I’ve tried, so this is off the cuff, but I’d be curious if it was possible and if you’d be able to make it work. Or just rotate the text/images within the various topics maybe? You wouldn’t change any aspect ratio but instead you’re manipulating the way things are viewed within the fixed 16:9. If you try, please post a reply. Best of luck!

Hi Prezi! Any updates to being able to create portrait or vertical displays for use on tradeshow display monitors? I see the initial request in this thread is years old and there seems to be heavy interest in this functionality. Thanks.

Hello @Steven_Kreiger, we still don’t have any updates regarding this feature but we will share this with our Product team :slight_smile:

Just do it already we seriously need it


2020 and still ignored?

WOW :frowning:

I remember good old days on Prezi Classic I could do it… Now all resentations look horrible on iPad when I show them to clients

Hello @Nick_Dorogavtsev, thanks for raising this request again, we’ll send your feedback to our Product team and let you know if there are any developments!

Just adding my comment to this discussion as I was looking at how to change slide size too. We are exporting the presentation to PDF as those school students without internet need a paper copy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit an A4 sheet of paper very well to enable us to reduce to A5 in any meaningful way.

Please could this be looked at - also not everyone has a 16:9 screen.