Change screen aspect ratio

We want to use prezi on a large presenting screen. Is there a way to customise the aspect ratio ?

Helli @Robert_gray, I merged your posts to the relevant thread. I’m sorry, currently it’s not possible to change the aspect ratio. I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause you!

I find it crazy that a global presentation tool only accommodates for specific types of screens and ratios, complete madness!

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Hi Everyone! Please, consider another vote for “4:3 is needed” in Prezi Next. We have these screens throughout the university, I’m using Prezi for all my lectures, and I started to learn Prezi Next but stopped when I realized there is no possibility for a 4:3 screen. Thanks!


Has anyone tried to use a 4:3 projector? Does it work with smaller images or does it not work at all?

Hello @claudia_umbro, were you able to test it? :slight_smile:

A client of mine has a problem when presenting on a projector from his PC, the picture ratio is distorted - can anyone please advise?

Hi @Geoff_Griffiths, I merged your post to the relevant thread. Currently, it is only possible to make presentations with 16:9 aspect ratio, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.