Change shape

How can I change the default shape/color etc. of the topics/staple-Icon that I want to insert? Thanks for your reply!

Example: If I add a topic on the “Quarterly Business Review - Trends” a rectangle appears instead of a circle.

By default, all topics are circular in Prezi Next presentations, however their colour/border/opacity can be modified in the top toolbar. You are then able to right-click on the topic and update the style preset so the other topics would have the same settings.

In addition, you are also able to create “fake” rectangular/triangular etc. topics by adding objects to the canvas, and placing the topics on them, then setting the topics completely transparent.

This way you can create the illusion of entering a rectangular topic, which is what you can see in the Quarterly Business Review template as well, where the rectangular shapes are added by default and the topics are set as transparent.

Hi Agnes

Thank you for your support!

Unfortunately I can’t comprehend the action with the “fake-forms”. What I tried:

  1. I made a rectangle (somewhere) on the canvas
  2. I put a circled topic (in front) over this rectangle (rectangle is bigger then the topic)
  3. Canged the color of the topic completely transparent.
  4. I updated the style preset.

and it does’t work … What’s wrong with this procedure?

Hi, could you send me the view link of the presentation in question so I can examine it? Thanks in advance.