Change Template Theme Colors

Some Prezi Next templates come in different color variatons we call themes. If you’d like to update a theme’s colors, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Insert arrows anywhere on the canvas.

  2. Select an arrow and add custom color.

  3. Right-click your mouse & select Update style preset.

  4. Close and open the prezi. Your Theme color palette will update according to the colors you’ve chosen.

You can now start using these colors to customize your Prezi presentation!


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Thanks for the explanation.
However, I am wondering how to get the “theme colors” pallet changed to my personal choice. That goes beyond the five colors I may pick. Looking forward to getting news from Prezi on that question.

The maximum number of theme colors is 5, however, you can choose more colors and create a palette as shown in the GIF below:

I hope this helps!