Change the thumbnail of an embedded presentation

When I embede my prezi in a website the thumbnail is a dark/grey square with a play sign. Is there anyu way to change it?

It is not nice to have that in a site. It is not good for us or even for yopu in PREZI. All the apps I work with have a very nice photo or image that apear when sometining is embeded. some times you can choose it other times you can’t bur never a grey dark square that gives no idea of what is there



Currently, it’s not possible to edit the thumbnail of an embedded presentation, I’m afraid. I apologize for any inconvenience it causes.

I’ll also pass this feedback on to our Product Team.

Hello Vanda thanks so uch for your answer. You really shoud work on it. As you may see it’s not nice that all the prezis of everybody loo the same all ovber the world : a dark grey square. Prezi is a visual tool so it shoul look nice in the sites where the presentations are embebed. it´s not good for the image of your product to have such a negative point. I like Prezi very much but there are some detaisl that can ruin a good tool and this is one of them. Even if you don’t want to give us the chance to edit or choose the thumbnail, you should at list put something else by default. For instance for the free acounts it would be the firt slide of the presentation. And for the people who pay the possibility to change the thumbanail.

Its a advise of someone who likes PREZI.

Hope you solve this matter soon

Best regards from our team of the Lisbon School of Agriculture

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Thank you, we understand that this can be an important feature, we’ll report it to the responsible team.

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Dear Prezi Support team,

I wonder whether this feature has been included now? I would like to change the thumbnail of an embedded presentation and cannot find where to do it.


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Hello! Unfortunately it is not possible to change the thumbnail of an embedded presentation. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Has there been any progress on this? Feedback: embedding a presentation should have different options for thumbnails, especially for paid accounts. First comment in this thread is correct - if we are to use this as a presentation tool, it should look good! The current thumbnail does not. It should default to the first slide without a “play” button (just the slide arrows at the bottom).

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Hello @TJ_Middlesworth, it is not possible to modify the thumbnail of an embedded presentation unfortunately. We currently do not have more information on this, but we’ll share any updates we receive from our developers in the future.

Do you have any updates about editing thumbnails of embeded presentations? Can you tell when it’s being updated?

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Hello @apokaradokeeah, we do not currently have updates on this request. We have forwarded your feedback to our developers and we will post any information we receive from them on this issue here.

Can you please implement this feature? This has taken over 2 years and doesn’t seem to be such a big deal to incorporate?

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Hi @Faizan_Javed, we agree that it would be useful, but I’m afraid implementing this feature is currently not on our roadmap. We will post any updates in this thread.

I am trying to embed my Prezi presentation on a website. I can get the embed to work perfectly fine, I just need to change the text on the button that says “present” that you click to start the Prezi. Does anyone know how to edit that text to say something other than “present”? Thanks for any help!

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Hello @McKenzie_Ussery, currently it’s not possible to change the text in your embedded presentation, but we will forward your request to our development team and as soon as we have any updates we will post it here :slight_smile:

The lack of this feature (being forced to embed an empty image with a play button) instead of a useful preview image means I will be unable to use Prezi for my purposes. I’ll have to use Storyline or another tool. Seems really simple and intuitive, but I guess it’s not in-demand enough.

Is there any way to take off the “present” button altogether and just have the presentation loaded up when I embed it? This is what it looks like now, but I would like to take off the button and the opacity over the presentation altogether.

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Hi @McKenzie_Ussery, @CIEE_KBYG, this is currently not possible in Prezi Next, but I’ve forwarded your question to our product team so they can check on the possibilities for this feature.


Appreciated, @Bart! But this thread is almost 3 years old and you’re not the first Prezi-badged person to post a similar reply. :slight_smile:

Part of Prezi’s appeal (to me, at least) is its interactivity. However, the current default (only?) start mode is the opaque “Present” screen. This removes the immersive feeling of, for example, an online course when what could/should be a seamless transition into a Prezi becomes a jarring slide-show-like interface.

Even an optional static thumbnail image (a “cover image”) and being able to customize the text and button would be great. As another example, I’d like to change “present” to something like “click to learn more” for my specific purpose, but I could see many different applications of this customizability. I think that’s a word!

Anyway, thanks again! Looking forward to possible changes in the future.


Hi @CIEE_KBYG, do you happen to have a webpage with an embed presentation that our product team could check?

@Bart, it’s in Canvas LMS. It embeds no problem :slight_smile: