Change transcript of prezi


I was sure a couple of weeks ago I was able to view all of the text in my Prezi at once which was great for checking for grammatical errors (i’m dyslexic). I can’t seem to be able to do this now. Is this something I have imagined or am I able to do this?

Hi Nadia:

The transcript of prezis are auto-generated and designed to support search engines. They cannot be edited, but should change if you have altered the content of your prezi.

Hope it helps.

What if there is no"see the full transcript" on my prezi  :(
I use it to do notes for my students… Where can I find it? or get it back? I have that function on all of my other prezi… How can I get it for this one? Thank you!

The transcript of my Prezi definitely needs to be edited since in contains the words blah, blah, blah. It is at

Could you please  help?

Yes, I am the owner of the prezi.
I was able to get my transcript!
Why was it so long to get an answer? :smiley:
I just got it today ( july 5th)

These “transcripts” should be editable so I view this a a bug that should be fixed. It’s been over a month since I wrote this info and the text “blah…” still appears in the transcript. Definitely not something I want my public to see! 

Hello, I have tried to make a duplicate copy of my own presentation, but the transcript (in the same completely wrong order) appears on this too. In the original, the duplicate and a copy and paste version the text in the transcript does not come in the order of the frames it is in so doesn’t make any sense.

Is there anything else that can be done?

I also need to edit the transcript for my prezi.

Dear Vera - here is the copy which has a transcript All I did was copy it, I haven’t edited at all. I made this copy this morning and the transcript had been generated by this afternoon.

I would like the text to be available to improve the accessibility of the page both to users with devices that struggle to show the Prezi and to users with disabilities. Also it looks awful have a jumbled up transcript that makes no sense.

Best wishes,

I edited one of my prezis last night.  The transcript did not update.  Any ideas?  My students really need that as well.

Yeah, you really need to allow us to edit the transcript. While we appreciate the attempt to auto-generate, it can make a real mess of them. 

Is there a way to take the transcript of the Prezi off? I have the same content on my site and the Presentation was made using that content. How do I take the transcript off?

Hi - what if I have the equivalent of “blah blah blah” but can’t find it in the Prezi when I try to edit (but still see it in the transcript)? Is my only fix to copy and paste the whole thing into a new Prezi? Thanks!

Hi Matt,  please see Vera’s answer above.
If you can’t find this content inside your prezi, and you have altered it, this might take some time to update in the script.


Any traction with this feature request? It would be invaluable, both for accessibility considerations and the ability to provide “clickable” follow-up resources after the big-picture presentation. I may revert back to Google Slides or PowerPoint due to the functionality of the Notes panes to support this need. Thank you ~ Sandy

If you won’t let us edit them, you should either improve or turn off the auto-transcription. It would be better without it than the way it works now. Love everything else though.

Hi Vera, Thanks for the prompt reply. With so much focus on accessibility I’m afraid a PDF export isn’t really enough for 508 Compliance. If the Prezi description field allowed a live link I would be happy to use a Google Doc as the transcript resource. However, the G’Doc urls are very long and link shorteners have their own set of drawbacks. not to mention viewers would have to type te link accurately into another tab to visit the transcript. I’ll have to ponder on this one, but ignoring this issue may kill the use of Prezi at our institution.


Section 508 of the U.S. Code is the law that requires federal agencies and their contractors to adhere to a minimal level of accessibility. The law can be loosely interpreted and basically boils down to:

“the use of text labels or descriptors for graphics and certain format elements. (HTML code already provides an “Alt Text” tag for graphics which can serve as a verbal descriptor for graphics). This section also addresses the usability of multimedia presentations, image maps, style sheets, scripting languages, applets and plug-ins, and electronic forms.”

Why These Things should Matter to you:

In January of 2008 Jeffery Zeldman wrote a post that really changed the way I thought about the web. The article talked about a disabled woman in a motorized scooter and how she had a difficult time crossing the street to seek medical treatment. While the building may have had a nice ramp at the entrance, there was only a curb on the access road leading to the building. It made me see just about everything differently.

These days, most major department stores or public venues have wheelchair access ramps. Its not only because they are required to, but it is also because it is bad business not to be open to everyone. Yet so many websites make it difficult for some to access content.

There are curbs standing between so many people and the information they need to access. Have you ever been frustrated when something on a site won’t load fast enough or when navigation is unclear? Frustration leads to a bad brand experiences (See Jared Spool’s great article on Branding and Usability) and bad brand experiences mean bad business.

Happy web page visitors buy more and return more often, and are more likely to appreciate your beautiful visual design. Happy web page owners have relationships with their designers, leading to better business for you. It is in the best interest of your client and you to have a more accessible website in the long run.


Wouldn’t it be great if the Prezi description fields auto-generated live links from web addresses like my reference above?

My Prezi still says blah blah blah after a year or so. It would be nice if you would at least delete that…

Is there any way for me to search to find text that is showing up in the transcript, but i cannot find in the actual Prezi (since the path has since been edited to not go to that text, which i want to delete)??  Something similar to CTRL-F in MS-Word?