Changing camera on Surface Book

Using Chrome on Windows 10 (both up to date). Opening Prezi Video, create new using Prezi Present. Click on ‘Create Video’ at top, then select “I want to appear with…”. On right sidebar, at top, just beneath “1. Allow Camera Access” is a dropdown menu that shows several camera options, including my Camera Front and Camera Rear, along with my external camera (reads “USB Capture SDI”). No matter which option I select, when I click the “allow access” button, it activates Camera Front. I’ve tried changing/updating settings, I’ve double checked permissions, and I’ve restarted both Chrome and the computer, all to no avail. I’m at a loss what’s wrong. The external camera is working perfectly in Zoom and in Teams, so I know the computer sees it. Can anyone provide a suggestion please??? I really need to use my external camera for the presentation I have later today!

Hi @David_Wendkos, could you please go forward in the same sidebar and select record video? You should be taken to the actual recording page. Do you have the same issue there as well?

Hi @Bart - Went into record video, and yes, same issue. Tried clicking the camera icon at the bottom and changing selection, but no matter what I picked, it stayed on the Front Camera.

FWIW - I tried opening the Prezi Video app and then opening the presentation in there, and I was able to use the correct camera that way. Haven’t played with it further to see about using it live inside Zoom, as that’s what I’ll be using for the presentation later, but either way, would like to get it fixed in Chrome if possible, so I can see it during presentation creation.

Hi @David_Wendkos, thanks for testing this out. I’ll report it to our developers. In the meantime, I would advise you to use the desktop application as that supports going live with Zoom.

Could you tell me the device you are using Prezi on? Is it a laptop?

@Bart - Thank you. Yes, I am working on a laptop - a Surface Book 2. In case it’s relevant, the external camera I’m trying to connect to is a PTZ Optics 12X SDI, though I suspect it’s not a factor since I can’t switch to the built in rear camera either.

Thanks for the details @David_Wendkos, our team is looking into this case.
As a workaround, for now, I would advise you to use the desktop application.