Changing existing frame ratios in one click

Instead of having to create new frames to replace templates and existing presentations to the display ratio I want, I’d like Prezi to include a way to transform all rectangular frames from 16:9 to 4:3 and vice versa. Powerpoint and other slide packages does this - Prezi should include this feature. Right now, a user has to change the ratio setting, add a frame, delete the old frame, and add the new frame to the path, move the slide from the end of the presentation to the right point in the path AND DO THIS FOR EVERY EXISTING SLIDE.

Hello Elaine,

Does this helps?

I use this:



Sorry, no, it doesn’t Eko. I keep seeing people point to the page you shared and it doesn’t help.

As you can see from my post, I’m well-aware that you can change the setting of your presentation and the FUTURE frames that you put down. But that doesn’t change your EXISTING frames - you have to change their ratios manually and through approximating. There is no option to quickly resize the frames of a template or existing presentation.