Changing order of topics WITHOUT changing the title of subtopic

I would like this template to start automatically from the bottom, but it starts from top. If I drag the bottom topic to be number 1, it changes to top location – do not want that.

If I start the bottom topic as starting point, the presentation starts from the first topic under the title “Alkoholi”. Do not want that either. I want the presentation to start from the over all view, and then go to bottom topic. Help?

(I saw the videos in “Changing order without changing disposition” but it does not apply to this template.)

Hello Petra, first you will need to create the order of the topics in the left panel by drag and dropping the thumbnails.This will automatically change their position in the overview as well, however you can then rearrange the topic circles while pressing+holding CMD (Mac) or CTRL (Windows). Please consult this tutorial.

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