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I’m working on a prezi and i would like to start presenting from a topic that is not the first one in the Overview windows but when i move the topic it moves it in the main page.

I would like to start the presentation with “La rivoluzione culturale in Cina” but i would like to keep it in the middle of the main page. How can i do that?


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You could, for example, use the custom starting point as explained here.

Alternatively, you can carefully move the topics around this way to achieve a result like this.


I would like to change the order of appearance of sections without changing their place on the page. unfortunately when I select a section and I go up or down to change the order, prezi rearranges my page automatically. how to change only the order and not the layout?

thank you



Hi! First you’ll need to create the order in the left panel by moving the topic/subtopic thumbnails. Then you can move around your topics or subtopics on the canvas without changing the order they appear in your presentation while holding down CMD (Mac) or CTRL (Windows). This shortcut will turn off automatic reordering.I hope this helps.


Sorry but it doesn’t work. I want to change the order of the “powerpoint”. so i move down or up thumbnails. but when i do that, they also move on my page, they interchanged. when i hold down CTRL it’s exactly the same result. I want to change the order of apparence without changing my page.


Hello! When you move the thumbnails the topics’ position on the canvas will also change, it is not possible to avoid this unfortunately. However once you’ve created the order in the left panel you can rearrange the topics on the canvas with the above mentioned method. That way their order in the path will not change again.


yes, but when you add an information to your topic (for example when you forget something during the construction of your page), it’s complicated to insert this add at the right place of apparence.
is an update possible for this handling? with holding CTRL button for example :wink:


I apologize for any inconvenience and will forward your feedback and request to our developers.


I want to change the order of the topics but not move them. When I drag a topic on the left hand side bar it moves the topic on the prezi, all I want to do is keep the layout but re-order the navigation flow (please)


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