Changing shape border transparency and color

I am trying to change the border and fill color of a circle frame, but am unable to do so. Using the advanced editor, I set the color to the desired hex value, but on the canvas it is using alpha transparency. I would like this to be solid. 

I’ve tried editing the CSS…changing any and every instance of alpha to 1 with no luck. Also, I would like to fill my circle with a background color. Is this not possible? Basically changing and applying any CSS yields no change on the canvas. What am I doing wrong?


try using this with the CSS editor and the
    borderAlpha: 1;
    borderColor: #333;
    borderThickness: 5;
    gradEndAlpha: 1;
    gradEndColor: #fff;
    gradStartAlpha: 1;
    gradStartColor: #fff;
    padding: 1.03;
    thickness: 100;

this is a bit of a workaround and may look odd - I think using the circle may look a little better

    borderAlpha: 0;
    gradEndAlpha: 1;
    gradStartAlpha: 0.9;
    lockTintAlpha: 0;
    radius: 0;
    thickness: 50;

If still problems please share the name or URL of the Prezi and I’ll take a look for you.


Don’t forget that (if you haven’t already) you can upgrade your license to get more features (own logo, privacy and more space for your Prezis -

That did the trick, thanks!

Would this work for a bracket frame too?