Changing slides on Prezi Video remotely


So I’m recording a prezi video based on a prezi presentation, and I want to change slides using a presentation remote. The one I have works perfectly on prezi presentations, powerpoints, etc, but it doesn’t seem to work with prezi videos. Using the mouse is also not a great option because I need to look at the screen instead of the camera to find the right arrow. Is there anything I can do to make it work?


Hi @Rui_Costa, currently the only clicker that is officially supported by Prezi Video is Logitech Spotlight. You can read more about this clicker here. It would be helpful if you could also send us the model of your clicker, so we could try to test it.

I hope to hear from you soon! :smile:

I was just going to post a similar question… though the description you provided is for Prezi Next - didn’t see it works with Prezi Video. I sadly bought this one (I was looking for one with USB-C connection) - XVZ. It advertises that it works with Prezi - but doesn’t seem to work with Prezi video…

Hello @Daniel_Chan, thanks for the feedback, we’ll try to test with a similar clicker and let you know about the results!

Hello community,

I use Logitech Spotlight (presenter) in combination with a macro programm.
The macros are assigned to the keys on the Logitech spotlight.

“>” (short keystroke) --> forward
“>” (long keystroke) --> forward + zooming in to content only
________________–> forward + zooming out to speaker with content
(programmed as a toggling/alternate function)

“<” (short keystroke) --> backwards
“<” (long keystroke) --> pause / record

Unfortunately the Spotlight allows only 2 programmable keys. But for me this works perfect.
I´ve tried a lot - but believe me - that is the most practical solution for a “one man show” without
having to look away from the camera lens.


Hello @H_Hoefelmann, thank you so much for sharing these informations! :slight_smile:

Hello @Daniel_Chan, we have just tested with a similar clicker and unfortunately, it’s not compatible with Prezi Video, so we would recommend to use the clickers already mentioned in this thread :slight_smile:

Dear Cararina,

Thanks for trying it out! Very thoughtful of your guys. As I use Prezi Video I think its actually better to use the keyboard as I tend to toggle the view modes in order to look at a graphic in greater detail and then back to me in the frame… but it would be great to someday have a clicker specifically designed for Prezi Video.

Thanks again!


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Hello @Daniel_Chan, thanks for your recommendation, we will share it with our Product team and update this thread if we have any news regarding clickers for Prezi Video :slight_smile:

Is there a way Prezi Video could be set up so the Forward, Back and Enlarge etc buttons are at THE TOP of the window (rather than at the bottom) so they are closer to the webcam? That way there wouldn’t so much eye-time away from the camera. It seems this would be a pretty simple solution to put into place :slight_smile:

Hi @Belinda_Keeble,
please note that there are keyboard shortcuts for these features.
1,2,3 buttons are changing the view of your content and your camera and the right-left arrows can be used to navigate your presentation.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Bart – but that still means looking down/away from the camera.

Is there no way Prezi can out the controls on the top of the window? It seems like such a simple solution :blush:


Hi @Belinda_Keeble, you can also use a Bluetooth clicker that you can have in your hand while presenting and control your presentation that way.

Thanks for the feedback about the control buttons, I’ll forward it to our team. :slight_smile:

That’s for forwarding our suggestion to your team :blush:

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