Changing Topic Name


I am trying to change the topic name and it will not let me. Does anyone know how to?!


To change the topic title, click once on the topic, wait a second then click again. This will let you edit the topic cover where you can select the title and change it. It’s a little tricky to select. If you click too fast (double-click) you will zoom right into the topic.

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How can I edit the name of the topic?


Never mind, but I find the way to do that…:sweat_smile:

But can anyone take a pic for it , for the benefit of other beginners :):grin:


@fatema_a Happy to hear that the issue has been resolved!

I can recommend you to check this Knowledge Base article to learn how to edit topic titles and topic covers in general. I hope this helps!


I tried this and I cannot change the topic name no matter what I do???
I’ve looked up tutorials and the interface looks different. I am so confused and frustrated! Please help!


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I made a video for you to see how to Change a Prezi Topic Title. Let me know if this helps.
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Thank You! I think I realize my frustration-I don’t have a topic title??? I have nothing to change on the Prezi Canvas and when I try to do what you did-I can’t –there is just an X.

On the left side-all I see is untitled topic title.

Any suggestions?Capture


Insert a text box and enter your title. Then drag the text box over the top of the topic and drop it. That will display the new title in the topic cover and also name the topic in the left sidebar. :slight_smile:


That worked!


Yay! I’m glad that worked. That topic is covered in my introductory course, Prezi in a Flash! Contact me directly if you are interested in a discount coupon code.