Chat in Prezi?

When working on prezi together with others I see them as nice figures - is it possible in any ways to start a chat?


Thank you very much for the suggestion, I will be sure to add this to the list of features.

Its been 1 year… still can’t start a chat on prezi.

I am surprised that not many people have requested this feature. It would seem that collaborating would be difficult without being able to communicate them. Of course having a third-party app could take of that but so much easier if you could txt chat within Prezi.

It is a necessity to add text chat in Prezi! I am a high school student and use Prezi because it is a superior program do to how fluid, easy, and downright gorgeous appeal. The only feature i see that it is missing is the text feature that allows me to talk to another one of my classmates without having to look away from the screen. Prezi allows me to work simultaneously with a partner yet with no way to communicate.

I am not quite sure what the collaboration feature affords if chat is not possible. Seems to me this is not a “nice to have” feature but a necessity.

if embedding online presentation link to websites feature is added we can use our own chat codes with prezi from the same page. I hope either of these features will come

I agree, it IS hard to not “communicate” on Prezi.


I’m trying to work with more people in my presentation but it’s quite difficult talk to them… We are 5, so a chat in prezi is no a bad idea at all

you can just write captions on screen and then delete them after

a multifunctional development maybe letting users embed synchronized presentations on their websites (ike embedding a regular prezi) so they can use their own chats or video chats etc . This way, they can present to their customers while video chatting with them. A single customer can be handled via skype but this will enable webinars etc.

Yeah but that’s a total pain. It’d be easier if there was a chat feature, especially with a noise/notification feature. 

Been 3 years, not seeing anything yet.

4 years


2 years later than the above comment … still no chat :confused:

I agree.