Chinese fonts, and font availability for bi-scriptal Chinese and Roman prezis

I’m grateful that now offers an option to create a prezi with Chinese characters (and a few other scripts). Thank you! This is much better than having to create non-Roman script text blocks in another program and insert them into a prezi as an image. But…

Can I say that having only one Chinese font option is limiting? In particular, the only Chinese font that’s available is a Ming typeface (like a serif typeface for Roman script). That’s appropriate for some contexts, but not everything. Can you imagine what your prezis would look like if the only font you had was Times? That thought is enough to make some designers ill.

I know CJK fonts are large. However, it would be really great, and it would be particularly in line with the aesthetic of prezis in the first place, if there was at least also a sans serif (sometimes called gothic) Chinese font option. As a candidate, Noto Sans CJK is a nice-looking, freely available sans serif CJK font that would be a nice complement to many prezis with Chinese characters.

Can I also say that the current CJK font, DFScreenMing-A, has a really ugly-looking set of (serif) Roman characters? While recently trying to make a prezi that would have both Chinese characters and Roman text blocks, I was initially trying to console myself that “at least my Roman text will look nice.” Unfortunately, it seems that if you choose a theme that allows you to use Chinese characters, all the other Roman fonts become unavailable. Is this correct, or am I simply doing something wrong? When I’m in a theme that allows Chinese characters, if I try to have Roman text in any font other than DFScreenMing-A, all I get are boxes.

Once again, I’m so grateful to for making other scripts available. However, I hope you’ll consider these ideas (or tell me what I’m doing wrong!) to make a tremendous improvement to the current state of non-Roman scripts for the creation of prezis!

Hi, Vera. Thanks for your reply.

Actually, after writing my original post, I continued to work on a bi-scriptal prezi, and I was eventually able to get Roman text items to work properly. I don’t know why it was only giving me boxes before. That problem may have been related to a possible bug when creating a Chinese text item immediately after having created a text item with a Roman font (the non-Roman font seems to be sticky, and won’t let the text item switch back to the Chinese font; copying and pasting a text item of the desired script gets the fonts to work properly again), but it’s not so great of a problem that I can’t work around it. I don’t see a button to edit my original post, but consider that entire paragraph resolved!

Thanks again for your response. I look forward to seeing more non-Roman fonts in the future!

Hello there:) So is there only one font available for Chinese texts?

I’m sure that a big problems for any Chinese users. Hope it could support Chinese fonts as many as that in the MS Powerpoint!

hi, the prezi looks like does not support Simplified Chinese perfectly. Although in the Customs sections, the Chinese theme could be selected, there’s only one type of Chinese font, moreover, could changed into bold and other formations. is it possible to add more types of chinese font in the default parameters of prezi online? otherwise, it has no any practise usage for Chinese users.

Hi Vera, 
so how is the Chinese fonts options going so far?

really really need the function

Pls help

Hello, I don’t know why, but even if I use the theme 中文 I can’t write in chinese 

I follow this for two years, but after that…just still one chinese font type for such a long time, that’s great !

Dear Prezi team,

we are 4 years into the issue of not having enough Chinese fonts. I am actually quite fine with having just one font, but that font needs to be working at least. For my mostly English speaking audience, I need to give them Pinyin transcription. But Pinyin is not supported in this Chinese font, making a complex presentation impossible.

Please fix this!!


[the pictures show, that adding accents to pinyin gravely affects visual quality]

Further Explanations: No, in my case it is not possible to split all my Pinyin from the Chinese characters and use a different font each time, as it makes it difficult to understand which Pinyin belongs to which Chinese character.


Thanks, it would be so great if this is going to be fixed!

How is it? Has there been any progress or responses?

Best regards,