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That’s actually quite bad. Apart from the loss in features someone mentioned, it seems that Chinese is not (yet?) a supported language in “Next”, as I’m unable to make my presentations with Chinese text, which AFAIK was supported in Classic.

Blocking new users from using old software, while the new one is not yet in a state to provide enough basic features, is not a very good idea, unless it’s planned to say, remove Chinese support forever.


Chinese characters aren’t supported in Prezi Next at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Update: Even though Chinese characters are not supported, please note that Xano font can be used as a workaround (however, some characters might be missing).

I notice that the interface shows the Chinese Simplifed option but it does not work when swich to it,May I know when the Chinese language will officially work both in the website and software?
A response would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time

@Tall_C Currently, Chinese fonts are not yet supported in Prezi Next. For now the workaround I could suggest if to insert the Chinese text in PDF or image format.

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It looks like there is now an option for Chinese (pretty sure it’s traditional characters). However, I noticed some characters aren’t appearing. In particular, the word “you” 你 is a blank. Hope that can get fixed quick. Seems like the font just needs a quick correction.

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Could you please let me know which font you’re using?

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This really sucks! I was hoping to make a cool prezi in chinese… I didn’t think to test if chinese characters were available to be inputted… i didn’t think i would have this problem now i have to make a boring google slide show :frowning:

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Well, sorry to get everyone’s hopes up. Xeno明 font has many Chinese characters (traditional at least), and for my first presentation it was only missing the character 你. But later I discovered more characters are missing, and I haven’t found a solution for those missing characters.
Xeno明 is a Japanese font from what I can tell, but they have a partial Chinese subset. It’s fine in my small group setting that I use it in, but it wouldn’t be appropriate to have missing characters in big group presentations.

Sauni, I’m pretty sure Prezi Classic still can do Chinese characters normally. The font isn’t all that attractive, but at least you can do a Prezi style presentation. Classic also has more control, in some ways. I suggest giving it a try.

Thank you for clarifying, @Peter_G, we understand that the current setup is not ideal for those who’d like to create their presentations with Chinese fonts. We’ll update this topic with any news.

hi i am currently using Prezi next (license type plus) with Prezi classic (license type pro minus) which i can’t create new project in Prezi classic. As i really need to input Chinese, may i know how to upgrade my account / upgrade to which level… so that i can create new project under Prezi classic?

Also, may i know when will Prezi next support Chinese? It really annoys me…

With a Pro Minus license, it’s not possible to create new Prezi Classic presentations, I’m afraid. You can collaborate and edit Classic presentations that others share with you, but you won’t be able to create a new one by yourself.

I can’t share any estimation concerning this feature, I’m afraid. I understand that this can be frustrating in your workflow, I will post any updates in this thread. In the meantime, the workaround I can suggest is to insert the Chinese text in PDF or image format, with that in mind that we know this is suboptimal.

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Please can you confirm that there still is no way to add Chinese text (not jpg or pdf…) in your amazing stunning service?

Let me and other 1.4 billion people know if it’s going to be implemented before trying a paid plan.

Thank you!

@Luca_Zanon I merged your request with this existing thread where you can find information about the issue. Your feedback is also being forwarded to our development team.

Not just some characters, a lot characters are missing. please fix ASAP, it’s not that hard

@Jason_Ma, we have forwarded your feedback to the responsible team.

It’s like telling English users to type in Russian instead.

“Sorry for any inconvenience. Even though English letters are not supported, please note that Russian font can be used as a workaround (however, some letters might be missing).”

(Worse of all, “We used to support English.”)

Xano is a Japanese font. It’s fundamentally different from Chinese. Having some of the characters the same doesn’t mean it suits Chinese users. Please respect the cultural differences.

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We understand that using Xano is not optimal, we just wanted to share this workaround as an addition next to inserting text as images. We know that it’s important for our users who wish to create their presentations in Chinese to have a font that suits their needs. We’ll update this topic with any news.

Have tried to use Japanese font to show Chinese characters, but failed. Will the Chinese font be added in the future?