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How to type Chinese in Prezi?


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Do you have a plan for putting Chinese fronts in? Actually you may not need to update the whole app to Chinese support version. Only the input supporting will be great for my purchasing, otherwise I have to leave this powerful tool very sadly.


Hello, @Yang_Yu. I am very sorry to see you go. I am afraid Chinese support is not on our roadmap at the moment, however, please know that we do channel feedback such as yours and should there be any update, we’ll make sure to update this thread.


Thanks and looking forward to having it in coming updates. I have just enrolled for the 180$ annual subscription, and hope it could really help me soon.


Thank you for trying out the product despite the limitation. Please consider @Vanda’s workaround for the meantime:


Hi, so I need to deliver a prezi to English and Chinese speakers. I understand that Chinese characters is not available. I have no working knowledge of japanese so using Xano is not really an option and I will lose face making such an error in full knowledge of Chinese.

I am disappointed like many this could not be better supported. I did convert the characters into png and jpeg images hoping they would be recognized but instead i have received an 'error INVIMAGEFONT ’ message and then corruption errors over the images which is perplexing.


I am consideration to upgrade prezi service, but the support of Chinese characters really irritate me.

Can I use Chinese fonts if I’ve bought prezi’s desktop service?
If yes, can the file export in .exe so that I can save it in my USB drive and have presentation everywhere?



@Cameron_Haden could you perhaps send these files for me in a private message so I can test why this error message pops up?

@Au_Yeung_Ka_Wo Chinese fonts are not supported in the desktop application either, I’m afraid.


Hi, I was wondering how is possible turn an English presentation into a Chinese ( I mean in Chinese language) presentation. Who can help me. Asap! Thanks You


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I just spent 10 dollars only to find that Prezi won’t even support a font that is being used by nearly 2 billion people on this planet. WOW, mind blowing!

Have a nice life! And please refund me ASAP :slight_smile:



We are sorry to see you go, @YISHI_LIU. Please know you can request a refund here.


Would you please advise how can I input Traditional Chinese characters (traditional Chinese: 正體字/繁體字), the Chinese font?



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Please add Chinese support ASAP. I don’ think it’s too much difficult as you had already has Korea and Japanese font.



Hello @Eric_Ngo, we appreciate your feedback and we will forward it to our development team.


I think adding a font that support chinese characters must be some really difficult task that it cannot be done in two years. There are plenty of fonts realsed with Open Font License that support chinese characters. I don’t understand how hard it is to just add one or two fonts into your software.