Chinese support

Hi there @irene_tian, even though Chinese characters are not supported in Prezi, please note that Xano font can be used, however, some characters might be missing.

As a workaround I could suggest to insert the Chinese text in PDF or image format.

Please let me know when you guys support Chinese characters in Prezi.
Actually, I had found so many tutorial videos, it’s really hard, because there’s liitle resource in the YouTube or Google, and when I tried to start my own Prezi, I found I can’t type Chinese characters. I saw you got a big customer, TED, ‘ideas worth spreading’.
I think your product is really worthing spreading too, but the first and the most thing is , let multi-cultural people can use it.

Hello @ec8838f2eb7713e6d59e, thank you for your insight. We understand that the current setup is not ideal for those who’d like to create their presentations with Chinese fonts.

I can’t share any estimation concerning this feature, I’m afraid. I understand that this can be frustrating in your workflow, I will post any updates in this thread. In the meantime, the workaround I can suggest is to insert the Chinese text in PDF or image format, with that in mind that we know this is suboptimal.

Hi! This is the way that I am using Chinese in Prezi.

  1. I write the text that I need in Word, bold it, then cut it and save it as an image file
  2. Open the saved image in Photoshop and make a transparent PNG file
  3. Insert the PNG file in Prezi as an image

It takes time, but it gets things done. Works if you don’t have a lot of text in the presentation.


It had been almost 2 years now. Are you guys really solving the problem? Please let me know.

Hello @Kent_Li, we have forwarded the feedbacks and comments to our developers, however at the moment we do not have any updates on this issue. Once we receive any information we will post in this thread.

It had been almost 3 years now. Are you guys really solving the problem? Please let me know

PS:I decided to remind Prezi every years and see it could reach 10 years.