Chinese support

Hello @zhang_xusheng, thank you, let us know about it please :slight_smile:

Hi @Catarina May i know that chinese text is now available on the prezi next desktop version? ie. typing chinese directly when creating / editing.

or it is only available on the online prezi version?

Hello @Becky_Yeung, both fonts are available in the desktop application :slight_smile:


I am a Chinese tutor, and I would like to create presentation with Chinese, but when I typed in Chinese, it shows square. Any tips on how to type in Chinese? Also can I create multiple choice questionnaire and/or filing the blank questionnaire, please?

Thank you,

Hello @Joicy_Guo, I merged your post with the relevant thread. You can use Chinese with the DFScreenMing-A and the Noto Sans fonts :slight_smile:

In relation to the questionnaire, you are able to create a multiple choice one in Prezi Next, please check this example.

I was searching for non-linear ppt, I found Prezi and it was great at first, then it really bothered me that it does not have Chinese font. I also found only members can contact the team and get support, what about those who are starting free trail but still have valuable feedback?
I would be happy to come back when Prezi supports Chinese, and be more open to customers.
Good luck.

Hey @Na_Lou I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread, can you check Catarina’s reply above? :slight_smile: