Classic Analytics

I’ve used Classic for several years & it’s proved to be a great tool for both face to face presentations and self navigable portfolio’s sent to prospects. I’m experimenting with Next because of the insight provided by the analytics; in that I can broadly judge interest by the amount of time a prospect spends viewing the Prezi. I’m experiencing many of the issues & frustrations that other users have expressed since early 2017. It’s difficult to understand why these issues have not been properly addressed for this pay-to-use platform. Next is too fussy, it’s trying to be too clever and is in danger diluting the elements that so successfully set it from PPTs. Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to sync the analytics function with Classic please please please!?

Hello @Dan_Winning, currently Prezi Analytics is only available for Next, and it’s not possible to use it with Classic, sorry for the inconvenience.