Classroom Teacher


I want to teach my students how to use prezi and give them a chance to use Prezi in class. do they sign up as basic or do they sign up as educational. I am a primary school. The students all have email addresses but the young students do not go in and read email. How should they sign up?


They might be unable to have official accounts (if I understand correctly that primary school is likely 12 yr olds or younger?) Students under 13 are unable to register for free accounts


FWIW, I teach in a high school and have been using Prezi Next in the classroom.
I asked the local board of education to assign “.ed” email accounts for each of my students and they signed up for free educational accounts. This may not work for you if your students are under 13 years old, however.
Either way, the Prezis which I have used in class hold the students’ attention much better than the old ppt style.
Best of luck to ya’!


BTW, one of the best features in Prezi is the collaboration design. We do a lot of group or pair presentations and this allows them to work on the same Prezi not only simultaneously, but anywhere they like.