[Closed] Activation Logitech Spotlight test period


I bought recently a Logitech Spotllight Remote and in the Plus model, a specific offer was added to discover Prezi during 6 months.

I tried to activate this offer but without success. Only my basic account was created

I saw one comment on a logitech forum about a try offer of Prezi for business but no information are available on the Logitech site or the Prezi site.

Many thanks for your help if everybody have more information.

When you purchase a Logitech Spotlight Remote and register through the offer landing page you first get a Basic account, which should then normally get upgraded after 24 hours.

Let me check what happened in your case and get back to you ASAP. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sorry for any inconvenience, Laurent, your account has now been upgraded to Premium. Pease check if it’s correctly listed on your Settings page!

Many thanks Vera. It is working well.

Best regards

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Hi Prezi Team,

I have exactly the same issue … 48 hours after the account creation (using the provided link in the Logitech spotlight box) the subscription status was well set to Premium but with an expiration date set to March 28th 2017 (instead of September 28th 2017) … so it has expired !!!

Thanks for your help,



Sorry for the trouble, Sebastien. I’ve updated the expiration date to the correct one, you can check it on your Settings page.

Hi Prezi team.
I just experienced the exact same issue. Can you please assist in upgrading my 6 month trail subscription? Kind regards Kim

@Kim_Hoyer, I apologize if it has caused any inconvenience, your account has now been upgraded to Premium. Please let us know if need any further assistance with this matter.

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Hi Prezi Team,

i’m having the exact same issue. I created the account yesterday and waited 24 hours in case it get’s upgraded but it didn’t.

Hope you can help me out, thanks in advance!

Best regards

@H2Obst, we have provided you with the trial. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Hi Prezi Team,

I’ve created an account for the 6-month-trial via the Logitech link two days ago. According to the settings I have still a basic account.

I hope you can help. Thanks in advance!

Best regards

Hello, @Dan_3212. We have checked your account and the license seems to be in order. Could you please log out and log in again to make sure the changes take effect?

Hi Lana. thank you. It worked out.

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Hi Team,
I do have the same problem, yesterday I activated my account but still see only the basic one…Can you please help me?
Best regards

@Jacek_Lewandowski It seems like the upgrade was not successful as you still have a Basic account according to our system.

Let us know if you need assistance with the upgrade and we will help you with starting your trial period.

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i have the same issue. We ordered the Logitech Spotlight Plus, but there is no way to activate the Prezi-Trial?

Best regards

@Tobi_H Sorry for the late response. As I can see you now have an active Prezi Business trial account, please let me know if you are still experiencing any issues.


i have the same problem. I ordered the logitech tool but there i no way to activate the 6 months business trial.

Pleas help

Best regards,