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When trying to add audio to a Prezi I’m not getting offered a option to add. Any direction would be great!


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Im having the same problem!! help someone!

Currently, what you’re trying to do is not available in Prezi Next.

We are always trying to develop and improve Prezi, so feedback like yours is always welcome. I have passed on your requests to our development team.

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Please help me and explain to me how can I add voiceovers on Prezi Next.

Adding sound isn’t possible in Prezi Next at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

How do I add voice recordings to prezi next like we are able to do in prezi classic?

Thanks for your help

Currently, adding voice recordings to Prezi Next presentations is not possible. We’ll report this feature request to our Product Managers, though!

Prezi Team, please bring back the voice narration feature in Prezi Next.
As a teacher, I am finding myself at the end of term with a classroom full of students I have trained in Prezi (Classic) now not being able to complete their final narrated Prezi projects because of the timing of this change. Bad timing.


How stupid is this? I’ve just spent hours working on an assignment, only to find that I now can’t upload an audio narration? What a completely idiotic product. What’s the point in an online presentation without audio?


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Prezi Next does not currently support a built-in audio insert function. However, a popular solution is to make a video capture of your presentation that includes your audio. Here are some recommended screen capture tools that support audio recording:


Built-in QuickTime tool
Camtasia (paid; free trial)
Screencast-o-Matic (free and paid versions)


Obs Studio(free)
Camtasia (paid; free trial)
Screencast-o-Matic (free and paid versions)

You can choose to record the entire screen or just a pre-defined area. Adjust the windows accordingly (to hide the control buttons for example) for a clean look. The video file can then be saved and shared.

In the meantime, I have passed on your request to our development team and I hope audio insert will be available in the near future.

@Daniella_Zsupan-Jero If your students created a Prezi account during this semester, they should have the possibility to use both our products, Prezi Classic and Prezi Next, as well. They could switch between the different dashboards of the products. Could you please confirm that this is the case?

Not sure how to get a voiceover for my presentation? any thoughts?

Hi Blanca!

At this time Prezi Next doesn’t allow the use of audio. From a previous thread, the request was passed onto the developers!



EDIT; thanks @Vanda for moving this!


Thanks it defeats the purpose why I paid the $20 to enroll in the subscription? Without that option :frowning: back to the classic version.

OK, I understand, no audio ‘yet’. I have a presentation in just under 3 weeks, maybe this is a dumb question, but is there any chance it will be added that quickly? I’d hate to have to recreate my entire presentation in Classic.

How can I just use Prezi Classic, then? Are there any other features that were removed when we were forced to use Prezi Next?

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@D.A_Larson Can’t make any promises, I’m afraid. We’re at the stage of collecting customer feedback in order to assess what’s of greatest importance. Thanks for understanding. If you can’t go without adding audio to your presentation, please create one with Classic.

@Sean_Rice We only offer Prezi Next to new signups. As this is an entirely new product, it’s features and license types don’t mirror those of Prezi Classic. Sorry for any confusion this might cause.

Just to confirm - our business recently bought a subscription to Prezi - does this mean we only have access to Prezi Next which has NO AUDIO?

The audio and voiceover option really should have been retained when transferring the product from Prezi classic to Prezi Next. I am finding lots of features which were useful in Prezi Classic missing from the ’ upgraded ’ Prezi Next
What is timeline for adding back the audio function to Prezi Next?

Yes, that’s correct @AChan, adding sound is not supported in Prezi Next. There are no plans of adding this feature just yet. For possible workarounds, please check @Vanda’s earlier reply. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

If I upgrade to Prezi-pro, can I add voice-over to my presentation?