[Closed] Add audio files

It’s not possible to insert audio files to a Prezi Next presentation, regardless of your license type, I’m afraid.

Have to say, removing the option to add audio was a terrible oversight. This is supposed to be a presentation creation program. Were the developers on drugs when they removed that option???


Dear Prezi team,
Well done in adding a reporting function to Prezi Next. Bringing the audio insertion function back very soon would be great. How about putting the key functions to a vote so the Prezi Next users can vote for what they see as the must-haves?

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@Hugo_Bezerra we regularly monitor this forum and channel your feedback to our Product Managers, if you post your requests here, your voice is heard!

This is seriously ridiculous.

I spent hours upon hours creating presentations that I would later add audio, too. I thought it was possible because I didn’t know this difference between Prezi Classic and Next existed. This is seriously the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever had to deal with. And Prezi’s solution is to use OTHER PEOPLE’S SOFTWARE to make a video capture of the presentation. Are you serious right now? Lol.

Fix this. Make audio an option for Prezi Next. I am super irritated right now.


Dear Prezi Team,
I feel much respect for your work and your product, I really hate to use strong words when it cames to deal with guys who work like you but I must say this. This situation is inadmissible. I can understand if you could have mistaken by no giving the possibility to insert any audio files, even if this is quite ridiculous, this is option is essential for most people who use this program. How is a deleloped program supposed to be a “next version” if it misses such an important option given by the previous version? Anyway I can live with that, everyone can make some mistakes, but what is absolutely unaccetable is the lack of a good solution since the problem was presented in January. Many of us pay and are willing to pay this product so it’s totally absurd that in 5 months you haven’t solved such an important issue yet. The solution given it’s unaccetable, though at least someone had the courage to do something that was not “thank you for the feedback we will present the problem to the stuff”.
Now I have a presentation in a week, which is about music, so the audio is most essential, and I decided to use Prezi Next Plus because the place where I’m going to use it doesn’t have any internet connection, I need to show my presentation offline. If I’m not mistaken, with this account I can’t use Prezi Classic, so I should delete the Next account and make a new Classic Plus (if it exists) in order to work offline, but it seems I can’t make any Classic account, just Next ones. So there’s a big problem. Now I really expect you to give us the audio option in few days or at least give me an alternative to let me work offline and put audio files or I must return to the horrible Power Point, and that would be really a ridiculous failure!
Thanks for your attention, hope you will solve this soon.

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No one is “forcing you” to use Prezi Next. You still have the option of using the original Prezi. Now you have the choice between the two different platforms.

You should be clear on what Prezi Next doesn’t do before deciding which platform to use. Check my blog article: Read This BEFORE You Start a Prezi Next Project.

It’s important to know what features are not supported in Prezi Next before you get started on an assignment. Check my blog article: Read This BEFORE You Start a Prezi Next Project.


I’m so disappointed that Prezi Next doesn’t have an option to add audio! I am a teacher and I have used this feature both to add voiceovers for my students to listen to in my presentations, and for my students to add background music to their presentations.

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:weary: very sad to have seen the audio taken from prezi next

“Check my blog article: Read This BEFORE You Start a Prezi Next Project8.” - Thanks, Robin. Wow, that was helpful.

This list of missing features would be an excellent warning to come up when you select Prezi Next as an option. Foolish people like myself might think Prezi Next is a more advanced product than Prezi Classic and not something that apparently far from feature complete.

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I’m trying to include an audio (as voice over) to my presentation but can’t find how to do it? Is there any possibility to do it or is this not implemented?

Thanks for your help.

Adding sound is not implemented in Prezi Next, but we can now see that a large number of people would like to have this functionality. We’ll update this topic with any news.

Please bring back Prezi Classic until Prezi Next can actually serve as a proper replacement.

I still have access to Prezi Classic, but I also want to refer fellow students there, they however do not have Prezi Classic as an option. Music can be added (with some effort) by using external software, but the voice-over feature in Prezi Classic is verypainful to mimic with external software since Prezi Classic took care of the animation timing etc as the various voice clips completed.

Thank you

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Yes, adding voice over to Prezi next would be a great improvement. When I signed up for Prezi Next I assumed that would be a standard feature. Now I am not sure if Prezi Next is going forward or going backwards.

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Kinda ridiculous that you removed an important feature when you released the “Next” version of Prezi. Adding audio is one of the reasons we signed up today! Please roll back to this feature. :frowning:

Yeah, honestly, who ever thought that NOT adding and audio option was a good idea?? Very disappointed with this service, and as its already been mentioned, that NOTHING has been done. Don’t think we’re really being “heard” here. Somebody needs to step up here, or Powerpoint is going to see tons of users coming back.

Signed up for prezi (didn’t know that Prezi Next was different from Prezi Classic, thought it was just an update). Assumed Prezi Next has the same features plus MORE than the classic.

Spent hours working on a prezi presentation for an assignment that requires audio. When trying to add audio, FAQ/support doesn’t mention anything about the lack of audio on Prezi Next. Had to stumble through this thread to find out. This is ridiculous!


Cant believe its over a year to this thread and still adding audio files support isn’t there ?

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Over a year? The software was just released in April.

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