[Closed] Add brand colors to color chooser

This is useful for setting your color palette to match your corporate colors. Is there a way to use the colors that you preset in one prezi so that you can use the same ones in the next prezi?


This is a great idea, but it’s currently not possible with Prezi Next, I’m afraid.
As with every feature request, we’ve also added this to our report we share with the product teams.
So keep the feedback coming! :bulb:

@Robin_Pierman I suggest you create one empty prezi with the right colors and fonts and setups you might need next time. Once you have that you can make a copy every time you want those settings to be in your presentation, instead of creating a new one and change them every time. :slight_smile:


Good idea. Thanks @gabriele.roncoroni.

While setting up a Prezi in the corporate design of a company, it would be useful to have the CD color scheme available as well. Right now, that is not possible. The color scheme available is dependent from the design of the template, colors have to be set with the RGB code manually.

@Torsten_Dederichs I am sorry but currently it is not possible to save custom color palettes for the Prezi provided default templates. However, we are always trying to develop and improve Prezi, so feedback like yours is always welcome. I have passed on your request to our development team.

@Torsten_Dederichs It would be really nice to be able to set up a corporate color scheme to use with multiple templates. Too bad it’s not possible. A potential workaround is to create your own empty prezi to reuse as a kind of template. I’ve written a blog article detailing how to do this. You might find it useful.

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This kind of makes Prezi unusable for me. I’m trying to find a powerpoint alternative that I can lock down so that its impossible for staff to go off-brand. So setting the core theme colours that are unchangeable is absolutely key.

Locking colors down is not possible, I am afraid, but we’d be happy to pass the idea. However, one indeed can change theme colors as shown here and/or create one template with brand colors that can be reused.