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I cannot find where to place all of the favorites that I use all the time with my Prezis. Does Next not use favorites now? If not, so sad. :confused::cry:


There is no Favorites feature in Prezi Next at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

A workaround you can use: collect all the content you would like to reuse in in a presentation created for this purpose and copy/paste any of its contents into the presentation you are working on as needed.

I think I saw a tutorial/webinar, or maybe it was a Support Staff suggestion, but perhaps you could provide a link or in-depth explanation here on how to set up a “Favorites” Prezi where as a “best practice” in Prezi Next you can dump all your most commonly used assets into that presentation and copy+paste from there as needed? I do this a lot. It’s a bit of work on the front end, but then everything is at your disposal in one place to replace an actual Favorites feature for the time being.

Good idea, @Plastic_Ingenuity, I’ll add it to my previous reply for reference.

It seems that every answer I have received regarding the short comings of Next have been a HUGE time-consuming work around (which I did not have in Classic) or, "We cannot do x y or x, sorry for the inconvenience. That is an unacceptable response.


I’m very sorry for the frustration @RobinsNest_Pro. Prezi Classic features are not all mirrored in Prezi Next. I understand this might be difficult at times for those who are used to a certain workflow in Prezi Classic.
As always, we encourage any customers who miss a Favorites feature to express this here. We continuously monitor the forum and will update this thread with any news.

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I am really missing the favourites function. When is this scheduled for rollout or is it currently live and I havent found it?
I need to be able to reuse introductory topics for multiple prezis and do not want to have to copy-paste every time. I have tried that, but with my non-optimal office hardware having 2 prezi ‘nexts’ open at the same time causes constant crashes.

There is currently no Favorites feature in Prezi Next, I’m afraid. We’ll update this post with any news.
As for the crash issues, please share more details in a new topic & we’ll try and help figure out what’s going on.

Favorites is a key feature that I used constantly in Classic. Every single new Prezi I created I pulled some content from my Favorites.

It was an essential feature of Classic, and needs to be an essential feature of Next. Please make it so.

Thank you.


Agreed 1000%!!!

Did the favorite issue get resolved? I use favorites, too. I can’t seem to locate my favorites.

Unless I missed something, I do not sound like it is even on Prezi’s radar sceen. As time goes on, it appears that they have chosen to go a completely different direction with Prezi Next and the wonderful things we could do with Classic are no longer a priority. We are still using Classic now and more than likely will go back to power point since we are finding that we have now created a new power point version for many of our newer venues since Prezi is not compatible. Still trying to keep Prezi, but as time goes on and there have virtually been NO improvements even after all the outcry for months, we can no longer place our presentations on hold. :frowning: Very sad, because I personally loved Prezi. I will still use Classic until we convert everything.

Prezi Classic Favorite function not support in Prezi Next also!

Why ???

@Kuochuan_Chu for the time being Favorites is not a feature in Prezi Next but I merged your request to the respective thread that we’ll update with any news!

It’s a HUGE hassle not to be able to import favorites from Prezi Classic. I’ve avoided Next until now because 1.) I have created a TON of custom content in Classic that I can’t bring to Next, and 2.) There is far less flexibility to customize content in Next.

Prezi… I’m close to ditching your platform for the boring PPTs that my company makes. I’ve invested so much time into making these presentations it’s difficult to make the move, but now would have to start all over… I’m incredibly frustrated, and I don’t think I’m going to invest those hours all over again.

PLEASE - create a way for me to import favorites from Classic to Next.


@Dan_Alman We agree that the Favorites features would be very useful indeed. I merged your request to the relevant thread and we are going to post any relevant updates in this thread.

Hi. Can not I upload the image and bookmark it?

Hello @Adilson_Machado, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Currently there is no Favorites feature in Prezi Next, but we will update this thread if we have any news.

Is it possible to create a library for the different things you create in your slides - figurs, textboxes, images etc.? It was in Prezi Classic - but what about Prezi Next? It makes it a lot easier to copy and reuse in other Prezis.

Hello @mads_fuglsang, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check the reply above :slight_smile: