[Closed] Add Favorites

I agree so much. Why this change to Prezi Next? Prezi is becoming just like ppt and many of the nice things that worked so easily in Prexi Classic has disappeared. I’m so disappointed.

Hello @mads_fuglsang, we are sending your feedback to our Product team and as soon as we have any updates we will let you know :slight_smile:

So. . . . in other words, we need to wait for another 2 1/2 years for this to be done? Yeah, a bit of sarcasm, but warranted with all of the other requests and feedback that we have been waiting to move out of “under discussion”. . . .

This comment it meant for your production team, and leadership to read and think about all of the customers they have lost due to inaction and lack of communication as to why multiple requests have basically been ignored by everyone by you guys on the forum in Prezi.

Hello everyone, thank you so much for your feedback, we are happy to announce that this feature is currently being worked on and soon we will update you about it :slight_smile:

Hi community, this feature is currently being tested and we will keep you updated about the release :slight_smile:

Hello everyone :slight_smile: we are glad to announce that now you are able to add content to your Library and easily reuse them in your next project :tada:

You can check more details in this article.


Awesome! :fireworks:

@Catarina I’m sorry to be adding a complaint already but… I was excitedly trying the Favorites tool and anything White poses an issue. Is there any way to fix this to allow for a different thumbnail background color for some kind of contrast?? See image below where I tried to save the globe (shown highlighted towards left) and then the resulting thumbnail looks just like a blank white square (top right). Bummer. I use/re-use a ton of white icons in my work so it would be really great to see this adjusted please!

Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, thank you so much for reporting this, we already sent it to our Product team and we will let you know as soon as there are any updates :slight_smile:

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Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, the issue seems to be fixed now, could you please check it? :slight_smile:

@Catarina Just checked and regretfully it isn’t working on my end, using the browser version.

(I tried to doublecheck the app version but it looks like it isn’t available there yet? I prefer browser anyway, but thought I should compare if it was in both places.)

Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, the fix will be released soon, I will update you when it’s out :slight_smile:

working today!