[Closed] Black screen issue in Prezi Classic

My Chrome and my colleagues’ Chrome suddenly shows black screen at a presentation thats is embedded at our web page Miniguide: Få større udbytte af dine kurser! - Aros Business Academy.

Internet Explorer works. Edge works only limited - it says I have to update Edge, but it is fully updated.

What to do?

We are having the same issues with some of our Classic Prezis. I’d assumed it was due to the changes recently with Chrome starting to phase out their use of Flash - would be interested to hear if there’s a solution!

Here’s the evidence:

¡Hola! tenemos una plataforma LMS dónde si insertamos códigos fuentes se puede visualizar el contenido del mismo, antes no tenía el problema, pero hoy quise ingresar un nuevo código y me aparece la pantalla en negro.

Hello everyone, the issue seems to be resolved now, we apologize for any inconvenience :slight_smile: